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Classification has played an important role of putting things in order. This page seek to inform the potential audience of the procedures how to classify living things and the major kindgoms involved with many examples. Here is a breakdown of the information provided on this wiki.

General Objectives:

Header classification

1.0 know the classification of of living things.

Specific Objectives:

1.1 List the kingdoms used in classifying living things.

1.2 Identify examples from the Plantae and Animalia kingdom.

1.3 Describe the characteristics of each phyla/division in the Plantae and Animalia Kingdoms.


Biologist now classify living organisms according to how closely they think they are related to one another. The first person to try to classify living things in a scentific way  is Linnaeus. He grouped living organisms according to how similar they are.

Linnaeus divided all the different kinds

of living things into groups called species. Many of the species had a lot of features in common. Linnaeus gave every kind of living organism two names, the first name is the name of the genus it belongs to, and always has a capital letter. The second name is the name of its species and always has a small letter.


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